Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Presto is Gold (Part 47)

$5/10NL, 9-handed

*** HOLE CARDS ***
CO calls $10
Fuel55 calls $10 from the button with [5d 5h]
(yeah I can limp presto once in a while ...)
timewarper raises $20 to $30 from SB
CO folds
Fuel55 calls $20

*** FLOP *** [3c As 5c]
timewarper bets $40
Fuel55 raises $40 to $80
(could be a scary flop so I raise for information)
timewarper calls $40 (he's got an ace or maybe two pair or two clubs)

*** TURN *** [3c As 5c] [8s]
timewarper checks
Fuel55 bets $100
timewarper calls $100 (check calling smalls like a draw to me)

*** RIVER *** [3c As 5c 8s] [Th]
timewarper checks
(he's likely given up)
Fuel55 checks (like a wuss I check since I am not interested in being checkraised on this board)

*** SHOW DOWN ***
timewarper shows [9c Qc] (high card Ace)
Fuel55 shows [5d 5h] (three of a kind, Fives)
Fuel55 collected $437 from pot

No lost value since he wasn't calling any bet on the river. At least by checking I could confirm my read (aka lame excuse for checking!).


Jordan Lewis said...

Fuel its jordan i wondering if u would be able to swap me some of ur bugsy money for some of my full tilt poker. Nothing big just like 300 to 500 if u can do thats cool if u dont want to thats fine

Alan said...

I didn't even know a "check" button existed on your full tilt screen... :)

Jordan Lewis said...

Fuel thank you so much i am going to send u 400 on full tilt. My Screen name on Bugsy's club is JordanLewis1 (Not Creative) . Thanks for the help is the cashout process difficult at Bugsy's ?

Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

I agree with the check, no need to make bets that aren't going to call, and that info is solid gold.

Hey, someone confirm vegas for me, looks like belligo, or what ever is sold out? you have rooms already?