Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Presto is Gold (Part 150)

Presto is Gold and durrrr is a nutjob.


Julius_Goat said...

Fuel's alive!!!

Iak said...

Seriously! You undermotivated retard, it's time to start posting before I get mad enough to come get my underwear back!

KenP said...

Wow on that hero call. Not even sure of the hero after that bit of gusto.

dD said...

yikes ... a post ... of sorts ... my latest "presto" is much more impressive :)

(unfortunately not on that monetary scale ... sigh)



Anonymous said...

Anxious to see your Presto!
That doesn't sound gay does it?!?!?

Pud's poker said...

If only I had an ounce of Durrrrr's poker skills I'd be a very happy and rich pudding!