Sunday, June 01, 2008

Presto is Gold (Part 145)

$3/$6NL, 5-handed

*** HOLE CARDS ***
UTG+1 raises $12 to $18
Fuel55 calls $15 from SB with [5h 5s]
BB calls $12

*** FLOP *** [5d 9s 3d]
Fuel55 bets $18
BB folds
UTG+1 raises $48 to $66
Fuel55 raises $324.25 to $390.25 and is all-in
UTG+1 snapcalls $324.25

*** TURN *** [5d 9s 3d] [3c]

*** RIVER *** [5d 9s 3d 3c] [4c]

*** SHOW DOWN ***
Fuel55 shows [5h 5s] (a full house, Fives full of Threes)
UTG+1 mucks hand [Ad Ac]
Fuel55 collected $832.50 from pot


The Monster Stack said...

Teach me how to hit a set of fives against aces and get paid. I would love to know your secret.

Anonymous said...

this hand about sums up your game.

TODD said...

you should start c/r'ing a wider range on flops, so you can effectively c/r a flopped set of 5's here, and get paid off by more than QQ-AA.

Memphis MOJO said...

1. A dealer at the Goldstrike Casino in Tunica deal a flop recently that included two 5s. He said, "Presto!" and I was the only one who knew what he was talking about. For shame!

2. I felt the power of presto recently and wrote about it here: