Thursday, April 17, 2008

Presto is Gold (Part 136)

$3/$6, 6-handed

Button ($1,500)
UTG ($632)
Fuel55 ($589)

*** HOLE CARDS ***
UTG raises to $21
Fuel55 calls $21 from UTG+1 with [5s 5c]
Button calls $21

*** FLOP *** [Ac Js 7c]
UTG checks
Fuel55 checks
Button has 15 seconds left to act
Button bets $46
UTG folds
Fuel55 calls $46 (the long pause in his bet gave me the impression he was just taking a stab)

*** TURN *** [Ac Js 7c] [9d]
Fuel55 checks (check again to represent a draw and see if he can fire again – in which case I have to fold or shove back)
Button has 15 seconds left to act
Button checks (not really liking his hand – thankfully)

So at this point I am firing on the river regardless of what comes but I would prefer a 5 for a set or a club (since I can easily represent a flush).

*** RIVER *** [Ac Js 7c 9d] [9c] (Pretty much GIN!)
Fuel55 bets $120
Button folds
Uncalled bet of $120 returned to Fuel55
Fuel55 mucks
Fuel55 wins the pot ($161)

Pure gold, pure gold.

1 comment:

Lord_Wolff said...

So how often would you say you raise presto, or call a raise with presto and end up folding or losing the hand?

More often then not as one would expect?

Or less often because you play it like it is the nuts and get better hands to fold.......