Saturday, March 29, 2008

Apparently I Am Not Immune To Presto-ization

FCPC home game. Level 1, blinds T25/25. Stacks at T7000.

Fuel open raises to T100 with QQ
Bob calls from LP
Matt calls from BB

Flop: QJ5r

Matt leads T200, I call, Bob calls.

Turn: K

Matt leads very small (T150), I raise another T500, Bob calls, Matt calls. Fawk, one of these doucheballs has T9.

River: 5

Nice. Now it's time to take these straight-drawing donkeys to valuetown.

Matt checks, I bet T1000. Bob raises to T3200. Matt folds. I shove. Bob instacalls.

Of course he has 55. Jesus fawk! Out in level 1 two weeks runnings.

Said Iak: "Oh, the irony ..."


Shrike said...

Hoist on your own petard . . . irony abounds.

Pretty sick beat -- it goes without saying really!

kurokitty said...

When are you going to learn that Presto suuukkkkzzzz! lol

lightning36 said...

Isn't that sacrilegious or something? Losing to Presto, I mean ...