Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Presto is Gold (Part 113)

$1/2NL, 8-handed

EP calls $2
Fuel55 raises $7 to $9 with 5c 5s from CO
Victim raises $23 to $32
EP folds
Fuel55 calls $23 (I am not folding Presto!)

Who cares about odds when you have Presto?

>>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 9d 8d 6c ]

Fuel55 bets $408.75 and is all-in
Victim says: one time just hold up
Victim calls $61 and is all-in

>>>DEALING TURN<<< [ Jh ]

>>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 7s ]
Fuel55 cards were 5c 5s
Victim cards were Ad Ac
Fuel55 wins $188 with a nine high straight

Pure gold, pure gold ...


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

LOL - so gross

lucko said...

LOL @ "one time just hold up"

NH sir.

iamhoff said...

Fawking beeyoutiful! Did poor victim sit and rant in the girlie chat, or leave quietly?

KajaPoker said...

for some reason the cards dealt don't show up in bloglines. i think it might be the [].

CC said...

lol that he knew you were a dork with the underpair gutshot...

Mike Maloney said...

You are one sick bastard.

simon said...

my goodness you are a poker genius.

never, ever, ever complain again about the fcpc and the crap that happens to you there

that was sick, lol

SubZero said...

Just how many did you lose before you were able to post the winner?
Guess you were hoping it was a coinflip rather than Pre55to versus Goliath....

Anonymous said...

I am sold on the gold. I've read the last 5 or 6 presto is gold posts, and I took it out for test run. Presto is 2 for 2. Got to love it.