Thursday, November 15, 2007

Presto is Gold (Part 104)

$0.50/$1 - Pot Limit Omaha Hi – 6-handed

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Almtom raises to $3.50
marker07 calls $3.50
Fuel55 raises to $15 from the SB with [Kd 5s Kh 5d]
marker07 calls $11.50

*** FLOP *** [As 5h 6d]
Fuel55 bets $24.50, and is all in
marker07 calls $24.50
Fuel55 shows [Kd 5s Kh 5d]
marker07 shows [4h 2h 2c Kc]
(lol – nice call with a gutterball)

*** TURN *** [As 5h 6d] [Qd]

*** RIVER *** [As 5h 6d Qd] [9s]
Fuel55 shows three of a kind, Fives
marker07 shows a pair of Twos
Fuel55 wins the pot ($80.50) with three of a kind, Fives


dD said...

yeesh, presto in omaha :)

got up this morning, double check to see if Eeyore's tail still nailed to my ass ...

and the irony ? played some very very bad HORSE last night :(



SubZero said...

what limits do you play up to in PLO? Was reading Egarim's blog and he was playing quite big, and was just curious on your take on say $10/20 PLO vs $10/20 NLHE.

Hope all is well at the Fuel household...