Saturday, September 29, 2007

Presto is Gold (Part 94)

Even when I am virtually certain I am beat, Presto is Gold:

$4/8NL, 3-handed

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Button raises to $28
Fuel55 reraises to $90 from BB with [5d 5s]
Button calls $62

*** FLOP *** [7h Qs 9c]
Fuel55 checks
Button checks

*** TURN *** [7h Qs 9c] [8c]
Fuel55 bets $55
(giving him a clue ...)
Button calls $55

*** RIVER *** [7h Qs 9c 8c] [4h]
Fuel55 bets $8
(blocker bet)
Button calls $8

*** SHOW DOWN ***
Fuel55 shows [5d 5s] a pair of Fives
Button mucks [6h Ah] - Ace Queen high
Fuel55 wins the pot ($309) with a pair of Fives

5th pair is gold when it is Presto.


Ken P said...

A 5 on the river would have been quite interesting.

Fuel55 said...

I would have puked.

actyper said...

Can't believe an $8 blocker bet worked there