Thursday, June 21, 2007

Presto is Gold (Part 72)

This hand, my friends, is just phenomenal poker.

Poker After Dark, 4-handed, blinds T150/300.

David Benyamine folds
Patrik Antonius raises to T900 on the button with A3s
Marco Traniello calls from the SB with JTo
Brad Booth calls from the BB with 55

Flop comes A6J rainbow.

Marco Traniello leads for T1500
Brad Booth raises to T4000
Patrik Antonius folds his marginal ace (i.e., the best hand)

Now this is where it gets interesting.

Brad has Marco covered and Marco has 2nd pair. He can't call here, so he must fold or raise. Desperate for chips and praying that Brad doesn't have 2 pair or a set Marco reraises to T11000. Brad instantly grabs four bundles of $5000 and puts Marco all in. Brad knows that he can't call either so he must raise or fold. Since he was the initial raiser (and he holds Presto and he has previously shown the ability to flat call with monster hands preflop) he makes the correct move and puts Marco all-in knowing that he needs a set to call.

Marco folds and Brad rakes a monster pot with the worst hand of the three players.

This is poker at the highest level.


Anonymous said...

Glad you posted that Fuel. I caught that episode the other night and that hand was amazing.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I would describe this as a highly questionable play that just happened to work out. Since it worked I agree that the guy comes off looking like a genius, but pushing a pocket pair that represents the 4th pair on the board on a re-reraise seems a lot more to me like a guy who wanted to lose and is going to lose more than 99% of the time.

Just my two cents. Cool hand to post in any event, even if Brad Booth is a donkey.

Dillo said...

This does look great .... when it WORKS!!!

Sean said...

Brad Booth simply cannot be called a donkey, in all seriousness.