Monday, November 06, 2006

Presto is Gold (Part 19)

PokerStars $2/$4NL, 6-max

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Fuel55 raises $8 to $12 from CO with [5d 5h]
BB calls $8

*** FLOP *** [Ad 3d 5c]
BB bets $20
Fuel55 raises $28 to $48 (throw in a little raise to see where BB is at on a heavy drawing board)
BB calls $28 (danger)

*** TURN *** [Ad 3d 5c] [Kd]
BB checks
Fuel55 bets $64 (uggggh, I hate this card but he checks, so I bet)
BB calls $64 (double uggggh)

*** RIVER *** [Ad 3d 5c Kd] [Tc]
BB checks
Fuel55 checks (just check it down since he could be trapping me)

*** SHOW DOWN ***
BB shows [As 2d] (a pair of Aces) (nice hand buddy …)
Fuel55 shows [5d 5h] (three of a kind, Fives)
Fuel55 collected $248 from pot

Very glad I had position on this hand.


smokkee said...

since i restarted playing sum cash games, i get super paranoid when players are calling me down and find myself way ahead when i check the river in similar situations. it's smarter to play it that way. but, it sux when you coulda value bet and probably get called from a calling station.

try not to miss the next BIG game. i like bigger prize pools. ;)

Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Well, ya didn't call the guy a troglodyte, but it was interesting nonetheless.